Wine Travel? No Problem

VinGardeValise® is your ultimate wine carrier and lets you travel confidently, secure in the knowledge that your wine and beverage bottles will reach your destination, no matter what. And we mean no matter what!



Meet the Grande and the Petite — The choice is yours between these 8 and 12-Bottle wine suitcases. Both empower you to bring your latest discovery home to your wine cellar. 


Simple and Easy

“This suitcase is perfect for wine lovers and will keep your bottles from breaking.”


Hands down the best personal wine transport system I’ve used, this durable suitcase carries up to 12 750 ml wine bottles tucked snug inside dense closed-cell foam cutouts. The hard polycarbonate exterior feels tough and practically indestructible. After a dozen trips, it shows little wear and tear. When packed to its limit with wine, the case typically weighs in at between 43 to 50 lbs. — just making the cutoff for most airlines’ overweight baggage. It has a TSA-approved lock and straps to tighten and secure your precious contents. Lately, I’ve used the VinGardeValise as my solo piece of checked luggage. I leave the foam inserts on one side for up to six bottles (or olive oil, honey, spirits, etc.), and use the opposite well, with inserts removed, to pack my belongings. This bag has been around the world without a single drop of wine spilled.

Lauren Mowery

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