About Us

Who We Are

Wine lovers, classics, mavericks, renegades… We’re all of the above. We are changing the way you travel with your favorite wine, and we’re doing it all while holding an appreciation of the past. Much like the vintners who make the wine you’re carrying, we use our history in the wine industry to fuel our steps towards future vintages.

What We Make

We create luggage as versatile as you and we are proud of our obsessive attention to detail along every step of the process. It’s our passion for making the best wine suitcase possible that has brought us this far and will continue to push us to new innovations.

What We Believe

Wine should be celebrated. The journey from vine to bottle is much more complicated than what the average consumer imagines. Thus, to have the opportunity to savor the product of hard work and care among friends is a distinct privilege. We believe in luggage that takes wine as serious as we do… And we’re glad you do too.


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