Austria: The Burgenland Wine Region

In Austria’s Burgenland wine region, you can eat your dessert and drink it too. Unlike Austria’s mineral rich Wachau region, the Burgenland region is rich in fungi that break down the sugars in the grapes, which produce sweet grapes for dessert wines. The plains of Burgenland allow for a much warmer climate than the mountainous Wachau region, making red wine production also very popular in Burgenland. You will marvel at the modern architecture of the cellars and tasting rooms. Classical music will fill your ears during wine festivals and you can participate in the local harvests. You can learn about computer-generated fermentation as you embark on a tractor safari, while sipping your wine.

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Come with me to the Burgenland wine region and discover why this region is so special.

Weingut Tinhof

Weingut Tinhof is located in Austria’s Leithagebirge Mountains. The estate dates back to 1743 and houses 25 acres of vineyards. The symbol of the lion is pictured on every bottle of wine because the Tinhof family believes that “he should keep all evil from the family.” Weingut Tinhof is the perfect place for you to relax in a casual and safe atmosphere as you experience a wide range of white, red and specialty wines.

Picnic area
Various wine tasting options that include meats, salads and breads
Festivals with classical music and costume parties
Unique walk-through cellar with ancient architecture
Children welcome
Guestrooms with complimentary breakfast straight from the farm

Suggestion(s): 2014 Chardonnay Classic with a blend of melon and yellow apples

Esterházy Winery

Esterházy Winery was founded in 1758 by the Princes of Esterházy. The royal family was known for their extravagant lifestyle and planted Pinot Noir vines, which can still be found and enjoyed in the vineyard today. Come and enjoy this upscale winery that focuses on unique individual experiences where “every wine is as individual as every person.”

Wine tastings
Guided tour of the cellar
Events held inside Esterházy Palace

Suggestion(s): 2012 Froschkönig, a dark red wine with chocolate, plum butter, cherries and violets

Weingut Umathum

Weingut Umathum is a wine estate that began bottling wines in the 1970’s. With approximately 70 acres of vineyards, this winery offers you a laid back wine experience that allows you to try some of the best red wine in Austria. Wine Enthusiast gave Umathum’s 2009, Ried Hallebühl, a score of 93 out of 100. According to Umathum’s website, “The Umathum Wine Estate has consistently ranked as one of the best wine-growers in Austria since the early 1990’s.”


A support program for young agriculturalists that help develop rural areas of Burgenland
Wine tastings
Cellar tours
Vineyard tours
Outdoor patio

Suggestion(s): 2014 Zweigelt, a red wine with strawberries, cherries and raspberries or 2009 Sankt Laurent Reserve, a smoky red wine with orange peel, mint, blackthorn, blackberry and cherry.

Schloss Halbturn

Schloss Halbturn is a historic winery that was established in 1214. In 2001, the original vineyard was restored and opened to the public. Currently, there are approximately 160 acres of vineyards for you to tour and view. Known for its domestic red wine varieties, this vineyard focuses on quality.

Newly built cellar that you can tour
Wine tastings
Vineyard tours
Ancient terraces
Hiking trails

Suggestion(s): 2007 Pinot Noir, awarded the silver medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards

Weingut Kollwentz

Weingut Kollwentz has vineyards dating back to 1569. Today, there are 13 different vineyards. Weingut Kollwentz was given 5 stars in the Falstaff-Weinguide 2016. If you visit during the harvest, you can handpick grapes from the vine.

Wine tasting
Grape harvesting
Educational tours
Discounts on large purchases
Wine cellar

Suggestion(s): Gloria, a Chardonnay infused with natural minerals from the soil

Haus Marienberg-Mad

Haus Marienberg-Mad is a family owned winery that was established in 1632. The property boasts approximately 82 acres of vineyards. 75% of their wine production focuses on red varieties. Sit at a table, inside the cellar, as you sample some of the varieties.

Wine tastings inside the cellar
Walking tours of the grounds
Meet the winemaker
Environmentally friendly agricultural practices

Suggestion(s): Furioso, a red wine with cinnamon, berries and peppercorn

Prieler Winery

Prieler Winery established its estate in 1972. Based on a family farming business, this winery reminds you to take things in slowly, to savor them and to go back to a simpler time. Georg Prieler says, “We want to transfer the character of the region to the wineglass. To that end, output is strictly limited, pruning is close, and a patient approach gives the grapes all the time they need to fully mature. “

Wine tastings
Cellar Tour
Educational program
Picnics by the Neusiedler Lake

Suggestion(s): 2012 Marienthal Blaufränkisch, a red wine from limestone soils

Gesellmann Winery

Gesellmann Winery planted their first grape varieties in the 1980’s.Today, there are approximately 99 acres of vineyards at the estate. Gesellmann winery believes that “in alignment with nature and its strong influence on character, we strive with each new vintage to let new personality develop important downs—events that shape character and define wines of fascinating complexity.” Come explore the unique characteristics of wine and nature as they work together to create the perfect wine for you.

Wine tastings
Beautiful gardens

Suggestion(s): 2012 Merlot, which received 96 points from Falstaff Wein Guide 2016/2017

Weingut Pöckl

Weingut Pöckl started growing grape varieties in 1945 and has since expanded its vineyards to more than 98 acres. Specializing in red wine blends, this winery offers one of the largest selections of wines in the Burgenland region. Weingut Pöckl has received many 90 point (and above) ratings from Wine Enthusiast. Come and see why they have received such high ratings.

Wine Tastings
Learning opportunities
Panoramic views of the vineyards
Bird watching

Suggestion(s): 2013 Admiral, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Zweigelt and Merlot

Getting There

Once you get to Austria’s Burgenland wine region, you will be transported to the modern world of winemaking. Float atop the vineyards in a glass cube as you sip your wine, while watching the birds fly by. Relax on the lake as you sail through the warm and misty air. Enjoy the sweetness of the wine and the land. You can even visit a royal palace. Don’t miss your opportunity to visit Burgenland!




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