Austria: The Wachau Wine Region

Located in Lower Austria, the Wachau wine region borders the Danube River, transporting you back to a time of ancient beauty, stone walls and steep sloping mountains. Get away from the fast-paced modern world and enjoy the mineral-rich flavored wines. Vineyards in the Wachau region are owned and shared by multiple wine producers, but each producer creates unique wines by harvesting their grapes at different times, from different vineyards. Come see how grapes are harvested by hand, creating small batches of quality wine for you to taste! Take your favorite wines home safely in your ultimate wine suitcase.

WHERE TO WINE IN Wachau Wine Region

You can taste the mountains!

You can sample wines that come from the Grüner Veltliner grape, creating dry wines that taste natural and refreshing. Tour the wineries and vineyards of the Wachau region and bottle up some of your favorite varieties to take back home. Keep your wine bottles safe and secure with the VinGardeValise®, the ultimate wine suitcase. Travel without fear and know that your wine will make it home safely, reliving the memory of your trip with every sip of wine. Come with me to a simpler time, where the wine flows as naturally as the Danube River.

Diverse vineyards make diverse wine.


Prager sits north of the Danube River, growing their grapes at 13 different vineyards! Many of their grape varieties come from Achleiten, one of the oldest vineyards in Austria. You can see stone walls dating back to the 12th century. The vines are enclosed within these ancient walls and grow up the base of the mountain. The slope of the mountain is so steep, that the vines look like they are leaning forward.

Schedule your appointment to taste wines as you walk through gardens, take boat rides and learn about history. Prager specializes in Kaiserberg, a mineral-rich wine with a strong flavor. Wine tastings are free. You will see how the climate impacts the soil and how the vines are harvested. Take a tour of the wine cellar, where you can ask as many questions as you wish.

Pamper yourself.


Nikolaihof is located near Krems-Land, Austria. The history of the Nikolaihof family goes back to the Roman times. If you are looking for a luxurious experience and some organic wine, this is the winery for you. Nikolaihof is one of the oldest wine producers in Austria, producing organic wines before they were popular.

If you take a tour of the cellar, you will learn how Nikolaihof uses organic practices to produce the best wines. Pesticides and synthetics are never used. Instead, naturally occurring herbs are used to stimulate growth and protect the vines. You can enjoy wine on the patio or inside the tavern. Indulge in freshly baked breads, local cheeses and meats. Get a personalized skin care regimen, enhancing your beauty with grape seed oil cosmetics. If you want to spend more time at Nikolaihof, you can stay at the guest house.

Enjoy a picnic.

Johann Donabaum

Johann Donabaum is located in Spitz, Austria. You can visit this upscale winery that’s just off the road and dates back to the 16th century. Once used as a blacksmith shop, Johann Donabaum now produces fine wines. If you are looking for a winery whose quality meets its price, this is the winery to visit.

Schedule your appointment to taste the Riesling from Offenberg, a blend of various fruits that are neither too sweet, nor acidic. As you taste your wine, you can walk over to the creek and enjoy a picnic. You can purchase wine Monday-Sunday, 9 am to 12 pm.

Add some spice to your wine.


Alzinger is located in Unterloiben, Austria. If you travel to the edge of the Wachau region, you will encounter 27 acres of wine vineyards. Split between two vineyards, Loibenberg and Steinertal, Alzinger produces a variety of complex wines that are different from one another. You will learn how the Danube River nourishes the soil, producing vines perfect for white wine.

If you enjoy a spicy and complex wine, you will love the Grüner Veltliner. Grüner Veltliner is a light and spicy wine with nutmeg, ginger, peaches and jasmine! Schedule a wine tasting and take a tour of the cellar. Once in the cellar, you can view the fermentation process, learning how grape juice is turned into wine.

Choose from many options.

Gritsch Mauritiushof

Gritsch Mauritiushof is located in Spitz, Austria. This winery believes in family tradition. Dating back to the 13th century, monks would use this winery to collect grapes. Today, the winery continues to evolve and produce many varieties of wine. If you like a large selection of wine, you will want to visit this winery.

Gritsch Mauritiushof harvests their grapes from 11 different vineyards, boasting an assortment of Kalmuck and other fine wines. You can take a tour of the cellar, embark on a vineyard outing, and taste the wine for free! Affordable lodging is available for you to relax and enjoy room service. Lodging rates range from 52-65 Euros per night (approx. $58.05 – $72.56).

Taste the difference in climate.


Högl is located in Spitz, Austria. Bordering the western edge of the Wachau region, the cold climate makes harvesting and producing wine a challenge. Because of the challenges faced at Högl, they have developed unique and innovative techniques for harvesting grapes. Come see harvesting techniques that exist nowhere else!

Högl harvests their grapes from 6 different vineyards, producing a variety of wines. You can Schedule an appointment to try their Gelber Muskateller Federspiel, a blend of elderberries and orange zest. Wine tasting is free. Högl allows you to try many varieties before you decide to buy.

Reduce the ingredients in your wine.

F.X. Pichler

F.X. Pichler is located in the town of Dürnstein, Austria. Powerful wines with limited ingredients are their specialty. If you like simple flavors that lack complexity, but entice your palate, than you will want to sample the wine! F.X. Pichler harvests their wine from 9 different vineyards, giving you a diverse, yet simple selection of wine.

Just off the Danube River, is the newest wine cellar in Austria. Built in 2009, you can tour this cellar that F.X. Pichler designed for maximum efficiency. Schedule a taste of F.X. Pichler’s Grüner Veltliner and Riesling varieties. Known for their “M” line of wine (monumental line), F.X. Pichler produces the highest quality wines from the Loibenberg vineyard.

Respect the work that goes into producing fine wine.

Emmerich Knoll

Emmerich Knoll is located in Unterloiben, Austria. One of the most respected wineries in Austria and around the world, you may recognize their labels. Emmerich Knoll owns approximately 35 acres of vineyards that focus most of their attention on the Riesling and Grüner Veltliner varieties. Come see how Emmerich Knoll is able to manipulate the terrain, enabling vines to grow from the richest of soils.

Inside the on-site restaurant, you can customize your dishes as you surround yourself in an elegant dining experience. Sample the wines until you find that special one that goes along with your meal. During the warmer months, you can sip your wine under the shade of the fruit trees. You can also learn new recipes to take home and share!

Let nature welcome you back.

Indulge in the most natural wine that is available and take it home safely in your VinGardeValise. Coming straight from the mineral deposits of the earth, the wines in the Wachau region taste like no other. Simple ingredients, diligence, patience and knowledge of the diverse climate, make the Wachau wine producers some of the most respected in the world. Taste the fresh apricots, cheeses and local cuisines. Pamper yourself with a custom skin regimen, cosmetics and a quaint stay in a beautiful cottage or apartment. Learn new recipes, take a boat ride on the Danube River and schedule your wine tasting experience today!



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