VinGardeValise® Grande 04

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VinGardeValise® is your ultimate wine carrier and lets you travel confidently, secure in the knowledge that your wine and beverage bottles and glasses will reach your destination, no matter what. And we mean no matter what!

  • 12-Bottle Capacity
  • The VGV® Grande 4.0 features a polycarbonate case with closed-cell foam
  • The new asymmetrical Hinomoto wheels make the VGV® easy for you to maneuver
  • A lift handle, located at the bottom of the VGV®, makes it easy to load
  • A TSA compliant lock is flush mounted and integrated into the VGV®
  • The standard inserts are now 35cm, accommodating bottles with a longer neck
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Practically indestructible, this wine carrying case has a 100% polycarbonate shell and dense closed-cell foam that will enable you to transport all of your “…liquid poetry.”

The wine cavities are specially designed to hold a combination of bottles of almost any shape, from traditional Bordeaux and Burgundy to Champagne and Riesling. You can accommodate a full case (12) of regular size 750ml bottles in your VinGardeValise® and fully packed, it weighs between 43 to 50 lbs. Depending on the size of bottles, may exceed 50 lbs.

For detailed information on how to pack and clean your VinGardeValise® and accessories please click here.

Important Reminder:  You are not allowed to pass wine or other liquids through security. However, at some international airports, you can carry on wine or other liquids purchased in duty-free shops. Always check with your airline before carrying on wine or any other liquids that exceed the 3-1-1 rule.

Weight 17.6901 kg
Dimensions 46.5 × 33.2 × 70.2 cm

Grey, Silver, Blue, Burgundy, Matte Black

1 review for VinGardeValise® Grande 04

  1. Fernando Viana Gurgel

    Great company in our trips, safely and easily brings our throphies home. Recommended to every wine and travel enthusiast.

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