Use and Maintenance

Your VinGardeValise® was carefully designed and constructed to give you years of use. Included below is information on how to maximize the functionality and versatility of this unique wine suitcase.

Packing the VinGardeValise®

The VingardeValise® can accommodate a full case (12) of 750 ml bottles. The inserts are designed to hold almost any shape bottle, from traditional Bordeaux and Burgundy, to Champagne and Riesling.

Packing 750 ml Bottles
First, insert the neck of the bottle into the neck of the insert at about a 45° angle. Then push the bottle gently into the open pocket. The bottom of the foam insert is flared to accommodate unusually shaped bottles. The first few times you insert bottles, you may have to tug on the sides of the inserts to seat the bottles. That will not be necessary after a few uses.

Packing Riesling and other Tall Bottles
Before packing tall bottles, remove the foam plug at the top of the insert to make room for the longer neck. Place the plug in the punt at the bottom of the wine bottle for safekeeping. Then insert the neck of the bottle into the neck of the insert at a 45° and gently push the bottle into the insert.

Packing Larger Bottles
Follow the same procedures described above. Note: the suitcase can only accommodate one (1) Champagne or sparkling wine bottle per side without distorting the other foam pockets and making them unusable.

Optional Inserts
Remove the standard inserts.
Replace them with whatever combination of optional inserts you want to use.
Follow the same procedures outlined above.
If using the wine glass insert, place the foam shield on top of the wine glasses before securing the case.

Removing and separating the VingardeValise® foam modular inserts

The first time you remove the foam module(s) to allow for other uses of the suitcase, it may be necessary to cut apart the three 2-bottle modules. This can be done (carefully) with either a box cutter, Exacto-type knife or other similarly sharp instrument. Based on your travel needs, you can then place one, two, or all three modules in each side.

Care and Cleaning

Cleaning the VingardeValise®
To clean the polycarbonate shell, a damp cleaning cloth should be sufficient. Mild detergent might help remove ground-in dirt or scuff marks. Similarly, the polyester lining may be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Cleaning your VGV® inserts
Because the inserts consist of a high-density closed cell foam, the cleaning and maintenance is easy and hassle free. Simply wipe the inserts down with a damp cleaning cloth.


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